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The International Sibling Society is a self-structuring organization. Self-structuring organizations don't just effortlessly come together overnight. Self-structuring organizations are organized by self-structuring individuals.

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Here is a brief description of what the International Sibling Society looks for in individual teammates.

Join the International Sibling Society Volunteers Teams and make a global impact! 

Are you passionate about making a positive change in the world? Do you have a heart for fostering international connections and contributing to meaningful projects? Look no further – the International Sibling Society welcomes you to become a part of our dedicated volunteer teams! With a variety of teams to choose from, you can channel your skills and interests towards projects that align with your passions. Join us today and be a catalyst for positive change across the globe.

Discover Your Team: Which One Resonates with You?

1. Canva Pro Team Unleash your creativity and design skills with the Canva Pro Team. Help us create eye-catching visuals that tell the story of our global impact, engaging a wide audience with your artistic flair.

2. Google Workspace Gurus Are you a Google Workspace enthusiast? Join our Google Workspace team and become a resourceful guide for our international network, ensuring smooth collaboration and communication.

3. YouTube Creators If you're captivated by the world of short-form videos, the YouTube Shorts team offers you the chance to spread our message through engaging and impactful visual content.

4. Google AdGrants Advocates Join the Google AdGrants team to leverage the power of online advertising for a cause. Help us reach a broader audience and maximize our impact with your strategic marketing skills.

5. Hubspot Heroes Are you savvy with inbound marketing and CRM software? The Hubspot team is where you can shine, optimizing our outreach efforts and nurturing valuable connections.

6. AWS Amazon Web Services Wizards For the tech enthusiasts, the AWS Amazon Web Services team provides the perfect platform to contribute by managing our technical infrastructure and ensuring seamless operations.

7. GoogleSites Squad If you have a knack for web design and organization, the GoogleSites team is the place for you. Help us create an informative and user-friendly online presence.

8. TechSoup Nonprofit Champions Join the TechSoup team to assist with nonprofit training initiatives, enabling organizations around the world to make the most of available resources and technology.

9. Sustainable Development Advocates Passionate about creating a better world? Join the Sustainable Development Goals team to educate and raise awareness about vital global initiatives.

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Why Volunteer with Us?

Are you ready to embark on a journey of global collaboration, creativity, and change? Join the International Sibling Society volunteer teams today and be a part of something bigger than yourself. Together, we can create a better world of understanding, progress, and unity.

Here's our MAKING A DIFFERENCE TOGETHER: Volunteer Training Playlist!

Canva Pro Team

Google Workspace

YouTube Shorts

Google AdGrants


AWS Amazon Web Services


TechSoup Nonprofit Trainings

Sustainable Development Goals Explained

Founding Chairman

Cindy Burleson 

Cynthia (Cindy) Burleson is an educator, researcher and practitioner.

Cindy works with other members of the Academic Council of the United Nations System (ACUNS) to promote teaching on the work and study of the United Nations, multilateral relations, global governance, and international cooperation to stimulate and support teaching at all levels on UN-related matters.

In 1998, Cynthia Burleson founded the International Sibling Society. She worked with international volunteers around the world to create the Painting a Voice exhibition and book exhibited and featured at the United Nations some 10 years later. 

She understands that A good founder strategically plans her inevitable departure from day 1. She prepares, supports and nurtures others in leadership to succeed and lead the organization forward.

In 2009, Ms. Burleson was selected by the United States Olympic Committee to participate in The International Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia, Greece. While there, she presented on the power of reviving antiquitie’s Olympic Truce in modern-day peacekeeping detailing how international sporting events promote peace between countries and peoples worldwide.

After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies and a Master’s degree in Liberal Arts with and emphasis in International Relations, Ms. Burleson pursued a doctoral degree at the University of Southern Mississippi, where she studied international development, peacekeeping as well as conflict resolution strategies for post-conflict societies. Building on specialized study in political journalism she received at Georgetown University, Ms. Burleson published collaboratively with academic colleagues around the world through various international platforms including Rutledge publishing. In 2012 and 2014, Ms. Burleson ran for a Congressional seat in the United States House of Representatives.


Call for Nominations

The International Sibling Society is currently accepting nominations for three members to serve on its dynamic Board of Directors – the ISS governing body.


What do Board Members do?

Board Members oversee ISS operations, in line with ISS’ mission to provide, produce and promote arts and culture access to a variety of arts experiences encompassing the visual, media and performing arts. Board Members direct specific areas of ISS’ work through internal committees, such as ensuring a thriving membership network, Board nominations, and development of partnerships. Following the ISS Bylaws, Board Members also adopt policies that define the organization’s commitments to its members and network.


How long do Board Members serve?

Each Board Member usually serves one four-year term. The Board meets several times per year, as well as during other periods when important decisions need to be taken or announcements shared and discussed.


Current vacancies?

There are currently three positions open on the ISS Board of Directors. These Board Members will serve from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2027. Nominations are open to all ISS members from around the world. Nominees should be current ISS members working on research or policy related to the ISS mission to provide, produce and promote arts and culture access to a variety of arts experiences encompassing the visual, media and performing arts.


How to nominate someone?

ISS members can nominate themselves or other ISS members by completing the short nominations form accessible at the blue button below by 2 May 2023.


For any questions, please contact the ISS Administrative Coordinator at .

Nominations Deadline: Monday, 2 May 2023

Individual teammates contribute whenever and wherever availability allows.
The end result is group collaboration around the world.